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Indonesia As A Supplying Nation

Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world and this makes its people natural born seafarers and familiar with the sea environment.  Up until now, seafaring is still the preferred career within its community and so with being as the 4th largest population in the world, its workforce potential would make Indonesia the natural alternate source country for qualified seafarers in replacing India and the Philippines.

Much more efforts have been put in by the Indonesian government to train its seafarers to be more competent with more vocational & English training and this has shown positive results with employment competitiveness toward Filipino seafarers and more international cruise, ship and rig operators are seeing and recruiting Indonesia seafarers (workforce).

Indonesia' seafarer is an untapped business which foreign ship-owners and ship-managers should start focusing more on recruiting qualified seafarers for their fleet.  The best path is to recruit cadets while they are in 2nd years at academy and companies to provide a place for their cadetship onboard their vessels and upon graduation to place them as junior officers and gradually advancing their career with the companies. This approach ensures that from cadetship to junior officers, they are already familiar with the company best working practice and company culture.

We would be glad to discuss in more details this approach to follow some success stories of other companies.